On December 14, the regular meeting of the Business Advocacy Network took place in the RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry.   Vladimir Amiryan, Advisor to the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yerevan, first presented the agenda of the meeting and the arrangements reached during a conference organized by the International Center for Private Entrepreneurship (CIPE) in Kiev, Ukraine, December 4-6. In particular, it was underlined that CIPE expressed readiness to provide specialists to Armenia to organize capacity building courses within the framework of Business Advocacy Network members. BAN members highlighted the preferred topics of the courses: internal communications and developing  of operational plans.  Reference was also made to the previously developed position papers, it was noted that the position paper on improvement of the state inspection reforms had already been sent to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, and within the new amendments to the Tax Code it was agreed to revise the document and to identify those suggestions which were not included in the new Tax Code.  It was also decided to send a letter to the Government on behalf of the Business Advocacy Network expressing the Network’s suggestions and observations on the new Tax Code.  The activities to be carried out within the framework of the “Anti-Corruption Behavior Promotion and Reforms Project in Armenia” were presented, as well as the prospects of possible cooperation with the Armenian Business Coalition.  The decision was made to ask the coalition for a clearer picture of their mission and vision.

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