The “Business Advocacy Network” (hereinafter – Network) is a union of business support organizations with the goal of promoting the creation of a favorable business environment through the protection of interests and rights of the business community of the country.

Slogan of Network

“United voice of business”.

The objectives of BAN

  • To promote social-economic reforms, SME development and improvement of business environment.
  • To increase communication between Network members and other interested non-governmental structures, representatives of public and private sector, as well as international organizations.
  • To participate in the process of preparation and implementation of public policies related to the development of private entrepreneurship and represent the joint vision and position of Network members.
  • To promote the development of Armenian business through providing equal opportunities and conditions for fair competition.
  • To raise the awareness of business community and civil society on public policy development and the implementation of legislative reforms.

Areas of BAN activity

  • Expert analyses, studies on legislative initiatives, evaluation and development of policy proposals.
  • Organization of discussions, seminars and other events devoted to existing issues of private entrepreneurship
  • Organization and implementation of advocacy campaigns and other activities
  • Initiating and implementing collaboration with governing, local self-governing bodies as well as with non-governmental and international organizations and mass media
  • Any other activity aimed at implementing the Network’s goals and objectives which does not contradict to the RA legislation.


  • Equality of members
  • Solidarity
  • Transparency
  • Consensus
  • Political neutrality
  • Efficiency

Legal Status

The Network undertakes its activities without official registration within and out of the boarders of the Republic of Armenia.

Management of Network

The supreme governing body of the Network’s activities is the BAN General Meeting of Members (hereinafter – Meeting).

The decisions of the Meetings are based on the principle of consensus, or in case of impossibility, by a simple majority of present member’s votes. The voting is done either in the presence of the members of the Network or online, by e-mail.

Regular meetings of the Network are convened by the Secretariat (usually at a frequency of every three months). Extraordinary Meetings can be conducted in case of necessity by initiative of Secretariat or by initiative of 1/3 of Network Members.

Mandate of the BAN Meeting:

  • To adopt Network’s guidelines and amendments;
  • To adopt Network’s strategy;
  • To approve new members or terminate membership;
  • To approve decisions on the establishment or termination of Committees;
  • To approve annual reports of the Network’s activities;
  • To elect Network Secretariat; and
  • To approve joint policy positions/recommendations.


BAN Secretariat

Secretariat is the executive body coordinating Network’s activities. The Secretariat’s responsibilities are implemented by one of the members of the Network, elected for a two-year term, by the simple majority votes of the present members of the Meeting. The organization which assumes the responsibility of the BAN Secretariat also represents the Network Coordinator.

 BAN Secretariat has the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinates the work and ongoing activities of the Network, including communication with members on various policies;
  • Implements the decisions approved by Meetings;
  • Organizes regular and extraordinary BAN Meetings;
  • Supports the activities of existing Committees;
  • Presents reports to the Meeting on Network activities;
  • Receives membership applications of new members and confirms their membership once approved through discussion of Meeting;
  • Leads member termination process when necessary, in accordance with Guidelines;
  • Implements awareness-raising activities and facilitates communication between Network members;
  • Organizes working meetings and discussions, seminars, conferences and other events within the framework of Network activities;
  • Prepares and distributes Meeting minutes amongst BAN members;
  • Other Network-related activities that are not under the mandate of the BAN Meeting.

Membership Admission and Termination

Any legal entity that accepts the goals, objectives, activities and principles of the Network reflected in the hereby Guidelines, as well as does not pursue political goals can become a member of the Network.

In order to become a member the candidate organization must submit a written application (in case of an electronic application to the address placed on the BAN website) and attached to the application the Charter of organization. After receiving application BAN Secretariat summarizes and presents the application to the members for voting during the next Meeting.

Voting is done by a simple majority of participating members’ votes and the decision is communicated in writing to the representative of the applicant organization in a one-week period. The membership to BAN is verified by signing the Memorandum of Network.

Any Member of the Network can anytime terminate its membership by the own initiative without any obstacle through preliminarily informing the Secretariat in written form.

The dismissal of membership can take place also by the Secretariat with the confirmation of the Meeting in following cases:

  • In case of Member’s deviation from the objectives and principles defined by these Guidelines and Network Memorandum;
  • In case of actions implemented by the members on behalf of the Network without agreement with Secretariat or Meeting that can/or will result in discrediting the Network and its members; or
  • In case of non-participation in the network activities without a reasonable explanation for one year. The Network Secretariat must provide written notification to the member organization prior to termination, and in case no response is received within 2 weeks, the membership will be terminated. In case a response is received, the Network member must participate in the Network activities within next three months in order to maintain membership.

Members’ Rights and Responsibilities

Network’s members have the right to:

  • Participate in the Network’s meetings and decision-making in competence of Meetings;
  • Participate in events organized or implemented by the Network;
  • Present initiatives and suggestions through submitting to Secretariat;
  • Express opinion or position regarding the discussed issues;
  • Receive information and updates on Network’s activities;
  • Terminate their membership in the Network through preliminarily informing Secretariat in writing;
  • Benefit from other rights established by decision of the Meeting.

Network’s members have responsibility to:

  • Regularly participate in Network’s activities, meetings and other events organized by the Network (discussions, seminars, campaigns, conferences, etc.);
  • Support the activities of the Network;
  • To be accountable and transparent towards their members, partners and beneficiaries regarding the activities implemented by the Network.


The Network can establish Committees in a number of areas, depending on its strategic and tactical priorities. The representatives of member organizations can participate in the Committees, taking into account their professional capacities and interests. Decisions on the establishment and termination of the Committees should be made through voting a simple majority of the members present at the time of voting.

Cooperation with other organizations and structures:

Business Advocacy Network can cooperate with other organizations and structures, taking into account the priorities during that period, as well as the necessity to solve issues with joint efforts.